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Thank you for your interest in our patent pending  EZIFOLD©™ Multihull beam reduction systems for Folding Catamaran and Folding Trimaran.
When utilizing the patent pending  EZIFOLD©™ Multihull beam reduction systems within a retro fit a Catamaran or Trimaran becomes a true Trailer Sailer.  
The Trailer Sailor Catamaran folds and unfolds on the water eliminating the need to take up the whole launching ramp when fully unfolded, The Trailer Sailer Trimaran folds or unfolds on the water keeping the floats vertical at all times no fore/aft transit of the floats throughout the folding sequence.

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Folding Catamaran and Folding Trimaran, Power and Sailing, utilizing the
Patent pending EZIFOLD©™
Multihull Beam Reduction System